I love to create

I like challenges and excel at solving complex problems. As a person, I am optimistic, pragmatic and efficient. My ideal working environment is team-centric, dynamic, fun, and welcoming of opinions.

I am a generalist

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and have published numerous papers on Algorithms and Data Structures research. I have years of experience developing and operating advanced software systems, both on the backend and frontend. I strongly believe that having full-stack view of the world is critical in building good software.


As a systems administrator I planned, procured and operated a linux cluster of hundreds of servers, and developed automatic deployment tools before they were cool. My software development career includes building distributed systems and enterprise software in java, backend development in various languages and javascript-heavy frontend development.


More than 10 years of experience in developing web services in various languages, such as Python, Javascript and PHP. Professional experience as a backend Java developer, architect and cloud engineer at Kapow Software and Tradeshift. Recently, I was a full-stack software engineer at issuu, working with Python and Javascript at cloud scale. I’m currently a full-stack software engineer at Realm, touching everything from our CI infrastructure to the browser frontend.


Five years of operations experience at Octoshape, in charge of all aspects of IT infrastructure. In particular building, scaling and operating core infrastructure consisting of hundreds of globally hosted dedicated linux servers running core services.


(Co-)founder and head of technology for several start-ups, namely peecee.dk, lokalvurdering.dk and ruumier.com. Volunteer network administrator and board member for various organizations.


I care for the internet, privacy and anonymity. I was a significant opponent of the possible introduction of e-election in Denmark, organizing events and gathering interest. We won! I host a RIPE Atlas probe, a PacketBot and used to operate a TOR relay. I also spend quite some time running and bouldering and have a deep passion for great food.

I have made various media appearences: Berlingske: E-valg (danish), Version2: E-valg (danish), Politiken: Ruumier.com (danish), Prosa: MADALGO sommerskole (danish).