I hold a BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, and a PhD in Computer Science. All degrees were obtained at the Technical University of Denmark, with exchange visits in Pasadena, California, USA; Pisa, Italy and Bristol, UK. As a PhD student, my advisors were Philip Bille and Inge Li Gørtz. I was associated with the Managed Video as a Service Advanced Technology Foundation project. The goal was to research and develop efficient data structures for storing massive amounts of data.

My PhD dissertation is a collection of the papers listed below (except for the last paper), with a short general introduction to the research field of algorithms and data structures. My masters thesis is a much extended version of the last paper.


I have written a number of papers on fundamental problems within the general field of algorithms and data structures. All are published in peer-reviewed international conferences (or currently in submission). A common theme is to design efficient data structures for problems that are real-world applicable.


I spent a bit of time abroad during my time in university, studying at five universities in four countries besides DTU. I also attended numerous international conferences.